Lauren Hurley & Rayna Petersen

Lauren and Rayna are a duo of real estate professionals, high in ability and knowledge, creative in thinking and without limits in excellence and delivery.

Lauren Hurley & Rayna Petersen
Name : Lauren Hurley & Rayna Petersen
Title : Sales Associates
Phone : 0417 973 436
Lauren and Rayna are mothers, daughters, wives and sisters and have been friends since the early years of high school.

They want to inspire people to feel what they feel when they fall in love with a property. They want this for both buyers and sellers and want you to love the home and community you live in.

Lauren and Rayna see it as their role to ensure our clients and their families love the experience of buying and selling real estate, the way they do. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, they are adamant that the process is smooth and comfortable with the right communication being key. An exceptional experience for you is imperative.

Their combined experience of more than 20 years spans the spectrum of real estate. They have a very thorough and diligent focus on building relationships with clients that begins before they are needed and surpasses the settlement of a property and this is something they are inherently proud of.

Their skills in marketing, negotiating, problem solving and ultimately selling property has helped to direct their efforts and attention to the things that sometimes get lost in the process (like service) and that they can offer all of their clients the best in ability and genuine results.

Here is how they do it…
  • Whatever your goal is, they listen.
  • Whatever your timeframe is, they plan accordingly.
  • Their business is about you and your family. 
  • They have big ideas and follow through with execution.
  • They identify how and when you want to hear from them so that the level of communication you receive is exactly what you need.
  • They prefer to consult with clients and work together to give you the experience that they would expect themselves.
There is nothing more enticing than other people feeling excited about your property when they see it. That's Lauren and Rayna’s job, their responsibility and their profession, and their inspiration.

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