Terms & Conditions

3 Month Free Management Fee

Online Offer

  • The offer will remain in place for a 3-month period commencing from the 19th July 2021 to 19th October 2021.
  • If someone wishes to redeem the offer after the nominated period, management reserves the right to honor the offer or to decline.
  • This offer is only extended to new clients only: Current clients of Peard seeking to renew their management authorities may not redeem this offer on an existing property unless otherwise approved by management.
  • This offer can only be redeemed once on a particular property. If an owner has multiple properties, it is at management discretion if the offer is applied to all properties or to only one whether that one be the cheapest or the most expensive.
  • The term management fee refers to the percentage management fee on gross collections only.
  • Only the management fee will be credited over the 3-month period based on the gross collections – Not a set dollar amount. The offer will be capped at the equivalent of the management fee of three months rent.
  • The offer once redeemed will start immediately as soon as gross collections begin and end after a 3-month period. If a tenant enters into arrears during this time, it is up to management discretion whether or not credit back a dollar amount equivalent to the three months. For example, the tenant may be in arrears for the 3rd month of the offer and funds may not be collected until this time passes. After the 3rd month passes rent and management fees would be collected when the tenant has repaid what is owing.
  • It is at management discretion on whether to honor the offer in this scenario. It is management discretion whether an alternative fee or service can be provided for free in exchange for the management fee no greater than the 3-month equivalent amount.
  • A minimum management authority of 12 months must be in place. The three-month period will always be the first three months of the management authority unless otherwise approved by management
  • The offer is only eligible to potential clients who enter and submit their details through the “get a free appraisal” contact form on the “Stress-free property management” landing page on www.peard.com.au, or via the promotions Facebook messenger function; both of which are accessed only by engaging with the 3-Month Free Management Fee online promotion advertisements.