2020 INTERIOR TRENDS What's in, what's out...

10 Jan 2020

We’re getting in early and making predictions on what’s IN and what’s OUT in 2020…

IN | Real plants
Greenery in the home gives personality and adds another layer to your space. It's safe to say, 2019 went PLANT CRAZY! While there are so many realistic looking faux plants on the market, the trend is all about the real deal! No matter how good the fakey is, a good eye will spot it. Plants should be perfect, they lack character otherwise.


OUT | Mirrored furniture
This is a trend we're a little happy to see gone. Not only are mirrored pieces exceptionally difficult to keep clean, they’re expensive and  can be hard to style with the rest of your home. Not to mention, they need to be looked after, or it could end in disaster (and several years bad luck if you’re the superstitious type). Natural wood, wicker, and rattan is where it’s at in 2020! It’s warm, inviting and easy to maintain! Plus, you can mix it seamlessly with other materials.

IN | Quality bedding
Let’s face it, you spend half of your life in bed… so why not ensure its comfortable and invest in some high-quality thread count sheets to enjoy? They will look crisper, last longer and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. This is one investment worth making!


OUT | Accent Walls
Be bold – if you LOVE a colour, paint the whole room in it. Live a little... Accent walls can really date a home and we’ve been watching it slowly making its exit over the past couple of years.


IN | Earth tones
It's all about those warm erathy tones this year. Think terracotta tones you’d find in the desert landscape - dulled-down shades that blend in with nature, creating a calm and grounded interior for you to relax in.


OUT | Mosaic tiles
Mosaic tiles seem to be on the way out – there’s just something that appears dated about them, and let’s face it, they’ve been done to death over the last decade. Look to use sleeker alternatives such a wide-cut marble or large tiles.


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