5 ways to stay under budget this silly season

13 Dec 2021

It’s that time of year: warmer weather is around the corner, people are celebrating milestones, and weekends are filling up with plans. The silly season has arrived and, unlike last year, you can sense the excitement in the air! Better weather and more celebrations usually mean spending more money, and all these good vibes may not necessarily be good for your wallet.
It’s easy to forget any financial plans or good savings practices you have in place when you feel pressure to participate in the festivities. But it doesn’t have to be this way! We have a few clever tips and tricks to share with you that’ll help you stay under budget this silly season without missing out on any fun.

  1. Give DIY presents and show people you really care. Rather than blowing your budget on that trendy kitchen appliance or the latest designer bag, use your imagination and create something meaningful for someone you love! Give the gift of greenery by propagating your existing plants – you could even paint a less expensive pot and make it look a million dollars! Cook someone you love a delicious meal and give them the gift of time. If you already have a hobby, like pottery for example, you could handcraft a gift that’ll last and really mean something. Of course, if you’re attending a wedding, you may have to spend quite a bit of money, but this provides more reason to get creative with your gifts for other occasions. Put your thinking cap on!
  1. Plan ahead and organise economical transport when possible. Getting Ubers and taxis every time you go out really adds to the cost of an event. Look at the events you have coming up and consider where you could take public transport. Maybe do the ring around and see if you can join someone else who is driving or getting a lift. Better yet: ask your friends or family for a lift! Of course, it’s always worth considering if there’s an occasion or two when you could responsibly drive yourself and others, which means you’ll be saving money on drinks, too!
  1. Instead of buying your daily coffee, make it at home or at work (if you can). A cup of coffee in Perth costs around $5 – that means you could save $140 a month by making your daily coffee in-house! We understand the ritual of grabbing your cup of joe from the café each morning, but this isn’t forever, it’s just while you’re saving your pennies for those balmy nights! At the very least, use a keep cup and save 50 cents here and there.
  1. Don’t buy a new outfit each time you go to an event. The “wow factor” can be achieved by simply borrowing an outfit and adding some eye-catching accessories or a nice hairdo. Gone are the days when you could only borrow from someone’s wardrobe (although this is still a fantastic option). You can now hire formal attire for a fraction of the regular retail price from boutiques across the city. Or, if you’re comfortable with it, why not buy something second-hand and make it your own? Physical and online stores and forums are a fantastic resource for spending less, and also paying it forward.
  1. Work off that silly season belly in the great outdoors, for free. All these festivities you’re making presents and borrowing outfits for are likely going to include a delicious array of food and beverages that will end up in your belly. Luckily, the sun will be shining so there’s no excuse to stay inside. Rather than paying for the gym and fitness classes most days, why not take some of your exercise routines outside? It’s free, it can be social and the beautiful weather will do you a world of good. Always remember to “slip, slop, slap” when you’re having fun in the sun!
With a little imagination and some simple organisation, it’s easy to stay on top of your spending this silly season. Try our 5 savings tips and see what a big difference small changes can make.

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