A note from our Finance Expert: Brett Gibbings

06 Jun 2024

With interest rates on the rise, we're finding many people are pouring thousands down the drain annually by not knowing their home loan rates - and it’s time to take action…
As financial experts, we are dedicated to helping our clients unlock the full potential of their investments and it can truly be as simple as - finding a better deal. 

To be a savvy investor, maximising your returns is key. One often overlooked strategy is reviewing your home and investment loans. In today's dynamic financial landscape, managing your loans proactively can significantly impactyour bottom line.

Here’s why you should consider a loan review:
1.      Seizing Interest Rate Reductions: Interest rates fluctuate with marketconditions.  
A review can help you take advantage of rate reductions, translating into substantial savings and boosting your return on investment.
2.      Increasing Borrowings for Growth: With the current property market boom, reassessing your borrowing capacity might enable you to leverage existing assets to acquire another investment property, expanding your portfolio.
3.      Enhancing ROI: Saving on interest payments and making new investments amplifyyour profitability. Optimizing your loan arrangements enhances your overallinvestment returns.
The Bottom Line…
Staying ahead in property investmentrequires adaptability. Reviewing your loans ensures you make the most of yourfinancial resources, with potential savings and expansion opportunities on thehorizon.
At Peard Finance, we support landlords in achieving their investment goals. Whether you aim to reduce interest payments, explore new opportunities, or optimise your strategy, our team is here to help.
Take control of your financial future today by reviewing your loans and unlocking the full potential of your investment properties!


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