Autumn style trend predictions

12 Feb 2018

Autumn is just around the corner so we're getting in early and making some decor predictions for this season latest interior looks.  A change of season is a fabulous time to add a few new touches to your home that can totally transform a space and breathe some new life in.

WHAT'S HOT -  Brass!
We reckon brass is about to make a huge comeback... From small pieces to large statements, today's brass is tasteful yet it has the ability to add some serious drama to any room!

The metal, (a mix of copper and zinc), is very durable and won’t rust, which means you can even decorate with it outdoors. It can easily be forged into a variety of shapes to suit any style of home and best of all? It’s pretty affordable!

Markets and second-hand stores are a great place to source some vintage brass but with more and more designers using it in their decorating, good interior stores should also be stocking a variety of brass goods.

Peard Loves: West Elm 
But beware… Decorate with caution! When incorporating such a vibrant elements to your space,  you cannot allow yourself to go overboard -  too much brass can make for a kitsch look. Instead, try adding features through small statement pieces or one large piece in a particular room.



WHAT’S NOT -  Word art

The word’s out… and you’ve read it here first.

Cushions and wall art displaying words like “family” and “home” may have been all the rage for a while, but we’re calling it... It’s time to say farewell to this style trend.


2018 is all about colours, boldness and going BIG... and Autumn calls for being unapologetically bold in your space. Here the #1 rule, the bigger the better.  Think huge, colourful abstract art – a striking centrepiece that will  literally transform your room.



Peard loves: United Interiors - So many genuine canvases, all shapes and sizes and very affordable too.

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