DIY - Rustic Christmas Tree

13 Nov 2018

We LOVE the rustic tree branch look, particularly around Christmas time. Whether you want to paint the branch, leave it natural, decorate with ribbons or fairy lights, the options are endless- it’s all about creativity and making a piece to suit your home's décor and style.

You will need:

  • A tree branch
  • Can of spray paint
  • White planter box
  • White pebbles
  • Your imagination

Step 1

Go for a walk. Yep, you’ll need to find your branch first! Your local park should have plenty of options for you; you’ll just need to use your imagination. We recommend visiting the park after a particularly windy day, when there is likely to be a larger variety of branches (which shouldn't be too hard considering all of Perth's windy weather lately).

Small branches can be used as a cute table centerpiece for your Christmas lunch, while larger branches will look very striking as a Christmas tree alternative.

Step 2

Once you have found the right branch, it’s time to race home and spray paint! While you could use any Christmas colour, we recommend trying an all-white tree, leaving a blank and simple canvas to decorate. Often people will get caught up in Christmas decorations, losing track of colour schemes and style- remember, simplicity can often be the most effective.

Lay the branch on an old sheet (you don’t mind ruining) or paper, rotating to spray all sides. Leave to dry for one hour and repeat.

Step 3

Fill a planter box or pot (depending on the size of the branch) with white pebbles and securely position your branch. You can match the planter box with the style of your home - Wood, tin or glass will all look very effective!

Step 4

The fun part- decorate! We find fairy lights can be the simplest and most beautiful form of decoration on rustic branches that can tie in easily with any décor. If you want to decorate with ribbons or baubles however, stick to a simple colour scheme of no more than 3 colours. Silver, white and blue work great together for an alternative to the traditional green and red we see so often.

And there you have it! A unique Christmas tree option that’s sure to impress. When Christmas time is done and dusted; store the tree in a cupboard until next year, or, don’t! Remove the decorations and leave the tree in your living space for an effective decoration all year round!

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