House hunting in winter

04 Jul 2018

While jumping from home open to home open on a wet and cold day doesn’t sound all that appealing, house hunting in winter can work in your favour for several reasons… If you are serious about buying a house in the coming weeks, now is the time to be out there searching !Here’s why…
1. You’ll have less competition at home opens
While many buyers wait for the sunny spring days to venture out, you’ll be able to benefit from being one of only a few at home opens. Getting your written offer in with less competing offers, could mean securing a better price for the home. We find that winter sellers are also more genuine and keen to sell quickly so they may be more open to lower offers.

2.  You get to see the home’s ‘true colours’.
Viewing a property in winter allows you to see the home at its worst. Take notice of the home’s orientation. For example, south facing properties may appear dark and cold in winter, while north facing homes offer sunlight and create an illusion of warmth.

•    Heating – how does the home feel? Does the air have a chill to it or is there a draft that can be felt? Perhaps there are gaps in windows and doors that need attending to. What heating does the home offer and is it in good working order?  These are things you need to investigate.

 3. You might identify outdoor issues
This is your chance to look for any problem areas that could cost you down the line! Do a quick walk around the external perimeter. Are roof downpipes discharging into soak wells or just onto the ground? Look for any past signs of flooding or excess water flow.
What about the patio or veranda? Do they do the job or can you see evidence of leaks?  If there is a patio or veranda, you will want to know that you can enjoy it all year ‘round!
Happy house hunting!

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