How to add designer appeal to your home

09 May 2016

Modern-living-room-735x450.jpgIf time and money are not on your side, we’ve got some simple tips to give your home a quick facelift with some serious ‘designer appeal’.

Lighting is a vital element in any room and its power (excuse the pun), is something we often overlook.

A single florescent light in the centre of a room will kill even the best of décors. This is your home, your place of comfort and relaxation- not the dentist. Opting for more subtle lighting effects throughout a room will give the space a particular tone and mood.

There are three styles of lighting to consider:
  1. Ambient lighting provides an area with general brightness. It creates a comfortable level of light without too much glare. Basically, enough light to help you walk around without bumping into anything.
  2. Task lighting serves as a functional light. It does exactly what the name suggests- allows you to perform specific tasks, such as reading, drawing, sewing etc.
  3. Accent lighting is for decorative purposes and undoubtedly the most important when it comes to adding ambiance to a room or creating visual effects.  It draws the eye to ornaments, paintings and feature furniture.
*Tip: Don’t forget to match your task and accent lighting with your furniture’s style. If you like classic, traditional décor, look for old-fashioned chandeliers or lamps- your local op-shop might have a bargain. Modern furniture will go well with elaborate, ornate lamps and wall sconces (light fixture affixed to a wall).

There’s something “unfinished” about bare walls which can often create a cold and unwelcoming feel.

Whether you prefer one large dramatic piece or a “gallery-style” wall of art, both can be very effective and neither has to be costly.

It could be as simple as a beautiful piece of framed or stretched fabric to add colour to a space. Or why not get creative and use what you already have? Try framing your children’s painting or abstract photographs from your travels to create a gallery style feature along the hallway.

Bathroom Accessories
Giving your bathroom a fresh-new feel can be as simple as a couple of new plush towels and matching bathroom accessories.

Invest in a ceramic toothbrush holder and matching hand soap dispenser. Be sure to match accessories with the towels for extra appeal. Black, white and charcoal are always great options for bathroom décor. Think of luxury, hotel ensuites- simple and classy with one main colour scheme. 

Do you have old and worn tiles in your bathroom? Or maybe you’re fighting a losing battle with a colour impossible to match with accessories?

Gone are the days where retiling was the only solution to an unsightly-tile problem. Resurfacing is a fantastic alternative that will take a mere few short hours and cost you just a fraction of the price.

Though resurfacing has been around for years, the worry of unsightly peeling paint stopped many home owners from going down this path. Today’s quality however, will remain perfect for a number of years and usually comes with a guarantee so you have total peace of mind.

Bed Linen
Your bed is the centerpiece of your master bedroom- so getting the linen right is very important.

Quality bed linen with a high thread count is a worthwhile investment and one that will give a touch of luxury to the room (and it feels great to sleep on).

White is always a safe option - it’s a fresh and stylish colour that doesn’t date and best of all, white fabric is a breeze to wash. Scatter cushions are not always necessary but if you really can’t do without them, keep it simple and timeless and play with textures.

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