How to: elevate your outdoor living this spring

16 Jul 2019

There’s just something about feeling connected to nature and the outdoors that's so calming. Studies suggest that the more exposure we have to nature, the happier we are!
Functional, indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces are often on the top of many buyers’ wish-lists, so follow these simple tricks to capitalise:
b424ced85b56559dc2a73f2852e127be.jpgOutdoor seating and shade
Is your outdoor space missing something?

Easy-care seating, table and a source of shade is super important. If your outdoor seating is dated or looks precarious to sit on, it’s time for a change!

There are affordable outdoor furniture options on the market that will transform the space.

Don't forget to add cushions for comfort and style!

Make your outdoor area a place you would like to spend time. The good news is, it will probably only take one or two days turn your backyard from ‘meh’ to somewhere you actually want to spend time.
If a total landscaping transformation just isn’t in the budget, don’t worry - a good tidy up and tending to the garden will work wonders. We recommend using a high-pressure hose on all pathways and decking; sanding down and oiling the deck, mowing and edging the lawn and giving the garden a light prune. 

If you want to make a real statement, consider painting your fencing a modern colour. Dark greys make greens pop, but always consider the style of your home.

6c3bfce03d5d17094820bacb9b56b99b.jpgClean the pool
We will soon be enjoying the summer rays in Australia, so if you’re yet to get the pool up to swimming-scratch, then now is the time!

If you have a pool cover, it's time to pull it off and give it a good clean. No doubt there are plenty of leaves and debris on top of it, so make sure to put them in your green bin.

Over winter, your pool water has probably risen. However, if the level is looking a little low, fill it up with the hose. Depending on how much water is needed, you may need to contact your local council for a permit. 

Once full, wait a day before testing the water chemistry so the water from the hose has had time to mix with the pool water. Pick up a water testing kit from your local pool supplies store and ensure all chemicals are within a healthy range. Then add the necessary chemicals so you and your family can safely swim.

If you're unsure, get in touch with a professional who can make sure everything is up to scratch.

If your pool has a build up of grime, first clean out your filter so everything operates efficiently. Use natural cleaning products like baking soda or an actual pool-tile cleaner (to avoid adding nasty chemicals to the water) to scrub down the stubborn build up inside of the pool and let your creepy-crawly handle the rest. 

Once the warmer weather rolls around, you'll have no hesitation about hanging around the pool!

a78c417b82bc863ce479131a1c340e17.jpgSmall spaces, big impact
Apartment and unit-dwellers, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you!
If your outdoor space is limited or no major works can be done, opt for space enhancing tricks on a smaller scale.
Again, consider updating your outdoor seating, opting for lower bench seats that run along the edges of the balconies or courtyards. You may be surprised at how much seating area you actually have.
Clutter is the enemy of small spaces, but sometimes we feel like if we live in a small space everything in it must be equally small. Instead of a cluster of small pots with plants, don’t be afraid to play with scale and opt for one larger pot and a taller, mature plant. It will result in a less cluttered look whilst still providing mood-enhancing greenery.

Another way you can add more life to your space without compromising on floor space is to opt for a vertical garden. There are plenty of options on the market to suit every budget.

ab21835cbc393612d8717d1ce455f9a3.jpgWe love these oversized pots and lanterns which help to streamline a look without making the space look bare. 

patio-interesting-small-space-outdoor-furniture-small-space-patio-furniture-for-small-balconies-patio-small-space-outdo-(1).jpgOpting for smaller garden furniture in a courtyard or balcony space seems like a no-brainer. But all too often we see bare, uninviting courtyards in homes simply because the space is viewed as 'too small to do anything with'.

However, these spaces can be a gorgeous place to read, get a little bit of sun and have a morning coffee or a drink in the evening.

If you're selling, don't waste a single opportunity to show buyers the lifestyle they could enjoy if they purchase the property.

All images sourced via Pinterest.

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