How to style your home for a photoshoot

05 Sep 2016

An experienced real estate agent will help you determine the best aspects of your home to capture on camera, and an experienced real estate photographer (we always recommend using a professional) will have all the tools to ensure your photos are of the highest quality and show your home in its best light!

Below are our tips for a successful photoshoot.

Clean up

When presenting your home for sale, whether it is for a photoshoot or an home open, your property has to be cleaner than it has ever been! Vacuum floors, wash windows, wipe surfaces and get rid of clutter to appeal to buyers. It’s all about presenting your property in the best light, so only when everything is clean and sparkling should you get the photographer in.

It’s also very important to clean up your front yard as it’ll be difficult to get buyers to home opens if it is lacking street appeal in the photos. That means storing away kids’ toys, bicycles, lawn mowers, and your green bins. You don’t want to ruin a shot by leaving mess lying around.

Styling your kitchen and dining

The kitchen is one of the main hubs of a house, and it is a huge selling point for buyers. That’s why it’s important to really “sell” your kitchen through photographs.

Beyond a thorough clean of your kitchen, the styling should be well thought out. In photoshoots, we generally recommend keeping your styling simple, and avoiding clichés like cheeseboards and two wine glasses perched on the bench, as these look a bit phony to buyers. A fresh bunch of flowers, or a bowl of fruit is a simple and effective way to add life to the photo, and it avoids feeling contrived.

As for the dining table, we recommend staying away from dressing it like you would for Christmas dinner. Put your placemats and silverware back in the cupboard and if in doubt, go simple and classic again with a vase full of flowers in the centre.


Style your coffee table

It’s important to bring life and hints of personality to your home, and this can be easily achieved by styling your coffee table in the living room. A neat stack of coffee table books, paired with a vase or some flowers can make a home feel lived in and inviting, and not sterile.

Choose the right flowers

We mention flowers a lot in this post, so you might be thinking which ones you should choose to style your home with. For this task you should consider the style and colour palette of your home, and base your flower choices around this. We recommend sticking to similar hues already present in the room, and avoid adding jarring colours, which won’t make the most in the photo.

For example, if your kitchen has a white splashback, a coloured vase with some fresh white flowers is enough to brighten the space, which will look great in photos.


Bright, white towels

Styling your bathroom with bright, white towels really lifts the space. We recommend buying new, fluffy white towels and only bring them out for the photoshoot and home open inspections.

Luxe touches
Add some elegant, expensive-looking touches to rooms for the photoshoot so that buyers can feel the sense of luxury. Designer soap, candles, or an orchid in the bathroom can make a simple space feel high-end. A money-saving tip is not to buy multiples of each, but to move depending on the bathroom being photographed.
Avoid clinical

By making everything too perfect, it sometimes goes too far and comes up looking lifeless and dull in photographs. Not everything needs to be uniform and orderly, as this should feel like a home. Yes to cleaning up, but refrain from leaving tables and surfaces completely bare.
The photoshoot should make a house look like a home that is open and inviting.

Does your furniture fit the size of your room?

Big, clunky pieces of furniture tend to take up most of the photograph and may feel claustrophobic. We recommend culling large, unnecessary pieces, such as big chests of drawers or dressers, which will open up the space for the photograph.

Cosy up the living room
Leather couches can make a beautiful statement, but if they’re without luxe pillows or a beautiful soft throw, the lack of texture can come off as cold in photographs. We recommend dressing couches with a textured throw blanket, and plumping up pillows to make a space look like it’d be great to cosy up in.


Turn on lights, draw curtains

The lighting can make or break a photograph, so it is important to make sure every blind or window treatment is open at least partially, and that all lamps, pendants and down lights are switched on. Buyers want to see a bright, light house as it feels inviting and warm, as opposed to a dark and dingy one.
The property photographer should be aware of things like glare and such, so we recommend following their lead on those things.

Linen choices
Often, outdated linen choices in the bedroom can immediately downgrade the feeling of the home’s quality, making it seem dated or – worst of all – tacky.
To make sure your house never strays into that area, make sure that your bedspread is on trend and is clean. You don’t have to go overboard with it, just stick to neutrals. A good tip is that if the bedroom lacks natural light, opt for light-coloured linen (white is always a good option), which will help to lift the feel of it.


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