Minimise the stress of moving house

10 Nov 2023

Ah... moving to a new house! You could argue that it can be one of the most stressful things we do in our lives.

Coordinating a move can be tough work, especially if organisation is not your strong suit. Not only are you completely uprooting yourself and your family, with all your belongings out of their usual place and in boxes, it all generally happens in just a few days, adding to the stress of it all.

During the flurry of packing, removalists and people everywhere, it’s easy for some things to be forgotten or missed. So, make sure your priorities are in order by adding these to your to-do list!

  • Consider taking out transit insurance to cover your belongings during the move
  • Stock up on boxes, markers, newspaper, bubble wrap and packing tape to stay organised
  • Moving from a rental? Ensure your landlord and property manager are notified as per your lease agreement, so you can arrange a final inspection and get your bond back
  • About a month before moving, notify your bank, credit card provider and phone provider of your new address
  • Notify your utilities providers (gas, electricity and water) of your moving date to ensure they will be connected at your new address. Follow up closer to your move-in date to ensure it is still on track
  • Book in professional removalists or moving transport in the weeks leading up to the move
  • Book in your mail redirection
  • Cancel the newspaper and gardening services a couple of weeks prior to moving
  • Update your driver’s license details, car rego and insurance with your new address
  • Pack all important documents and valuables together and store in a safe place for the duration of the move
  • If you have a pet, it’s best to arrange for a trusted friend or family member to look after them during the move. Pets can find moving time distressing and it could add to your stress levels constantly checking they’re okay and out of the way.

Above all else, try and remember that you’ll soon be free to enjoy your new home. 


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