National Property Managers Day - Kerry Litton

21 Jul 2021

The pandemic has thrown some serious curveballs in the in the industry over the last 18 months; many of which have been common talking points among the West Aussie public. As a result, how have you navigated your relationships with clients during this period of considerable tension?

By reassuring clients that we are kept up to date on a daily basis of what is happening with covid, and that we have a strong management team guiding us through all the issues. Also reassuring clients that we have processes in place to manage any situation that arises, especially with rent arrears.
Of course, following the end of the rental moratorium, we’ve seen rents skyrocket to their highest in years. How do you feel the department has handled this, given there’s obviously such contrasting feelings towards the situation between tenants and landlords?   

With the rents being the highest in years, it is about doing due diligence with CMA’s and being able to successfully negotiate rent increases between the two parties.
Property Management in 2021 tends to be fully engaged with new technologies and approaches to help streamline the process, but is there any aspect you feel could do with some improvement?  

With me not having a technical bone in my body (I put my hand up!), I am lucky to have someone like James Yancazos that can navigate me around new technology. I have been old-school for so long and have a piece of paper for everything so this is a new learning curve for me. Even though I use outlook, I am still not trusting of it and carry a diary everywhere I go. (that’s the paper thing again!).

What are some of the biggest changes in the industry from when you first started?  

I think what Peard are doing with the two property management hubs is a game changer and something unique to us. This is our point of difference that I discuss in detail with all new clients, so they have an understanding of how we operate and be reassured that we offer a premium level of service.

What about you!? Who are you outside of work? Tell us some of the things you enjoy, believe, people you idolise, places you’ve been, and what you love to do on the weekends!  

Outside of work I love spending time with family and friends especially my 7 year old Niece and Nephew (twins) who I love to bits. I also don’t mind the occasional trip done south to Denmark to stock up on wine and the Denmark Wine Tour is the best. The worst part is waking up the next morning and seeing all the wine I have bought. The poor credit card gets a beating, that’s for sure!

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