Preparing your home for a storm

28 Feb 2020

Winter may be in it's last month, but we aren't out of the woods yet. It’s safe to assume there’s more storms to come and you may be wondering how to prepare. Never fear! There are simple steps you can take to minimise the impact of the storms on your home and surrounding property.

Quick maintenance steps

  • Check your roof to ensure there is no major damage- always replace old or cracked tiles.
  • Ensure gutters, downpipes and drains are free from debris.
  • Secure loose items around your property; remove any decorative pieces on outdoor furniture, store away outdoor gardening tools and remove any potted plants not on ground level.
  • Remove any large tree branches and debris floating around the outside of your property.
  • Trim trees and branches that could potentially snap as a result of the wild weather.

Safety preparations for your family
  • Ensure your home, contents and car insurance is adequate and up to date.
  • Learn how to safely turn off your power, water and gas if the need should arise.
  • Keep torches and candles in a quick reach location should your home experience a power outage.
  • Recognise the safest room in your home in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.
Protecting your pets
  • Make sure your fury friend has a warm, dry, draft-free, covered shelter-  preferably in a garage, shed or beneath a patio.
  •  If the storm intensifies, it may be best to consider bringing your pet indoors for the night. After all, if you wouldn’t want to be outside during the wild weather, chances are your pet feels the same way!

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