School catchement areas under the spotlight

28 Sep 2023

October - December is tyipically when we see buyers with children become increasingly active in the market. With their kids becoming of school age or moving up to higher education, there may be a need to move to a particular school catchment area. Hello opportunity for sellers! If you're currently in a sought-after shool catchement area (without the need) it may be a great time to talk to an agent about what your property could fetch... 

School catchments have always played a part in house prices, but now (perhaps more than ever) they are under the spotlight! In fact, suburbs within school catchment areas are seeing double digit house price growth this year as migrant activity picks up - showcasing just how important the geographical location of a property in relation to a school catchment zone is to parents and investors! 
OK, but school catchments only make up a small part of location factors that can influence a buyer or rather, should, influence one…  so here are some other factors to consider! 

For buyers, what should you look for in a property location?

Location factors to consider when buying:
  • What are the areas facilities? Shops, cafes, medical centres, parks, public transport options... These will not only make living there more appealing for you, but an important resale factor if this won’t be your 'forever' home.
  • Are there any planned upgrades and developments? For example, a major shopping centre or train line? These could make the properties value increase!
  • Is it close to the beach? In a city like Perth, being close to the beach can be a major lifestyle draw card and typically, these suburbs are less affected by market downturns.
  •  How's the noise level? Make sure you check out the neighbourhood at day and night to feel the place out.

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