Selling tips: location, location, location

23 Jan 2018

Chances are you've heard the saying before... "location, location, location". So, what does it mean and what should you be looking for when purchasing your property?
Between choosing the location, style of house, and considering your budget – trying to get aspect right can be hard work!  Certainly, location should be a priority, but there is no "one shoe fits" theory. It's all about what YOUR location needs are, and what your property goals may be - future or present.

You might find that more established suburbs have houses with old designs but far better facilities, whereas, newer suburbs feature modern home designs but are often less equipped or in the process of being devolved.
Consider the area of #Joondalup and how far it's come... Today, you could easily live there without having to venture south, ever!

Location factors to consider when buying:

  • What are the areas facilities? Shops, cafes, medical centres, parks, public transport options... These will not only make living there more appealing for you, but an important resale factor if this won’t be your 'forever' home.
  • Are there any planned upgrades and developments? For example, a major shopping centre or train line? These could make the properties value increase!
  • Is it close to the beach? In a city like Perth, being close to the beach can be a major lifestyle draw card and typically, these suburbs are less affected by market downturns.
  •  How's the noise level? Make sure you check out the neighbourhood at day and night to feel the place out.
  • Schools - If you're planning to have kids in the near future, ensuring you're in a catchment area you're happy with could be an important factor for you.

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