Spruce up to sell this spring!

01 Sep 2023

It’s the first day of spring and our favourite time of the year (for a few reasons).

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and traditionally, we’re about to hit the busiest time of the year in real estate!
Logistically, it’s the perfect time to put your home on the market to get everything sorted and settled before Christmas, and psychologically, many people are ready for a bit of a change come spring- making it for a popular time to buy and sell!
If you’re thinking about listing your home for sale, you might be gearing up to get some jobs done around the place. Here are our top recommendations for your hit list!
Keep up that first impression

Whether it is a freshly painted front door or some statement pot plants, that first impression can make all the difference. We’re going to assume that your home was not immune to the winter downpours – chances are, you’ve got weeds, moss growth, dirty windows, brown pavers and perhaps a whole lot of gardening that could be attended to. 

Declutter and deep clean

Bills, receipts, water bottles, random knickknacks –  they tend to congregate on surfaces in the kitchen and bedrooms.  Go through room by room and declutter all surfaces.  Not only will you feel great in the clean space, but this will also give potential buyers a blank canvas to picture themselves living there. Clean surfaces also help make a space look more spacious!

Roll up your sleeves and get cleaning; there is a reason it is called ‘Spring Clean’!

With the increased light in your home, leave no stone unturned – deep clean surfaces, wash windows, polish tap wear, floors, mirrors and glass surfaces, dust down door frames and skirtings and clean away those cobwebs (inside and out).

Freshen up the look

Whether you take the task on yourself or bring in a professional styling company, property staging is a great way to breathe new life into a space. Creating a stylish, modern interior can make a space feel newer and more expensive and often we see staged homes achieve a higher sale price as a result. At a minimum, you could freshen up towels, bed linen, cushions and throws for photos and home opens.
Repair that leaking tap and touch up the paint chips

Fresh paint works miracles on tired walls; stick to light and bright neutral colours. You can’t go wrong with white; not only does it make the place look fresh and clean, but it also accentuates the space. Replace any bulbs with brighter versions and get to those jobs you have been putting off.


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