STYLE SERIES - The Laundry

06 Mar 2024

This room in the home probably doesn't get as much styling love as it should... but let's face - who wants to go into the laundry anyway? If you're in there, chances are, you're doing chores - and there's not a lot of fun in that!
But, it's certainly a room that can be transformed quickly and with a relatively small budget - creating a space you are proud of and hey, it may even make those laundry chores a little less painful. One can always hope.

So, here are our tips for a quick transformation:

The quickest and easiest way to improve the look of your laundry is with storage solutions. Think: stylish laundry basket, peg caddie or a woven basket to store some bits and pieces you use less often. Try to colour coordinate - if you are worried about getting it wrong, stick to black, white a grey tones! If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try adding a pop of gold or rose gold, in the form of an ornament or candle! It will add a bit of luxury to the space.

YES! There is such a thing... and the guys at THANKYOU. do cost effective, stylish options for all household soaps and liquids. These will look fantastic on display particularly when paired together on a lovely stone or wooden soap tray.
Indoor plants can work wonders to brighten the place up and if you have a lot of natural light in the area, you can choose from lots of greenery options. Speak to your local nursery about which plants will work best for the amount of light you have.
** TIP - place the pot  into a woven basket for a more stylish look.

Chances are, the flooring in your laundry is either tiles or concrete, leaving the place looking and feeling a little cold and dull. Add a touch of warmth with a textured mat!


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