STYLE TIP: Hanging artwork

25 Jan 2023

Artwork is a great way to add interest to a room, but knowing where and how to place pieces can be confusing. And if you’re about to drill a hole in the wall, you want to be sure to get it right the first
time. Here are a few simple rules to follow…

Keep it eye-level
As real estate agents, we visit A LOT of homes... and the single biggest mistake we see with artwork, is that it's hanging way too high!
The center of the image should be at eye level, particularly in living spaces. Think about it, you are usually sitting down in a living room, and you shouldn't have to look up to view it.. Wall-2-(1).jpg

Artwork can look especially striking above other pieces, for example – a sofa, fireplace or halltable – a general rule here is to hang the piece one hand length above the item.
Wall galleries
Wall galleries are very ‘in’ at the moment. The biggest thing to note with these, is ensuring they are to scale. A common problem when hanging artwork or wall galleries above a sofa or bedhead,  is that it's not in scale with the item below it and so it ends up losing its effect. For example, if your sofa is 2m long – the gallery should be spaced to be at least 1.5m long, or it will look a little odd.
Consider the big picture
Artwork should tie in with other accessories and decor to create a visual story. Make sure artwork compliments the surrounding furniture, colours and tones.  

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