What the Building Grants mean for Real Estate

22 Jun 2020

As Perth leads the world out of the COVID-19 wilderness, moves are being made around both the state and country to stimulate the economy and increase confidence among spenders. There’s no doubt that the most well-known of these moves are the Federal and State home building grants; both of which are designed to:

1. Stimulate the residential construction market
2. Provide aspiring home buyers with a clear, realistic pathway to ownership

Since this grant is focused on construction, and we’re mainly in the business of established homes, it’s natural to feel like Real Estate has perhaps been left hanging high and dry when it comes to this initiative. However, that’s only the case if that’s how you choose to see it! In this blog, we take a look at the multitude of ways these building grants could apply to a Real Estate journey with us…

Land Sales

You can’t build a house on thin air! Our reps have land listings located all around Perth. Some are side-by-side lots and others lie within new estates, along with one-offs in established suburbs near the city that you could only dream of! Buying a block through us also moves you away from the “packaged deal” options many people are driven to, meaning both your dwelling and location remain completely in your control. You can take a look at what we’ve got here in our residential land section. 

Renovation Option

Seems like that “renovators delight” doesn’t seem so bad after all!

For the state grants, the available $25,000 rebate also applies to renovations priced at a minimum of $150,000. This means you could be eligible for assistance if you see an established home among our listings in need of some TLC, or simply your own personal touch.

This is something that’s important to remember when searching as well, so if you see a bargain home that’s maybe a little rough around the edges, or is missing a lifestyle aspect that for you is a complete dealbreaker, AND you’re lucky enough to be in the financial position to renovate, don’t forget about the extra $25K that could go towards your passion project!
Not living in the property?

Using the grant to build an investment property? We may not be able to build it for you, but we can certainly manage it! Our vacancy rate remains lower than the state average, and our amazing team of property managers maintain a stellar reputation among owners and tenants alike. Browse for a PM in your area, and even get an appraisal by just clicking here.

Don't forget we do finance!

No matter what you choose to do, the services of Peard Finance are available to you. Our experienced brokers are always clued up on whatever assistance or initiatives that are available at both a State and Federal level, including the recent building grants. They also offer super helpful services like debt consolidation, financial planning, and smaller, short-term loans. Learn more about them here.

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