When they return to the nest...

26 May 2020

While many people have used the past few months to reset, recharge, and take stock of what’s truly important, many more have unfortunately seen their hard work and progress on multiple fronts fly straight out the window. Whether it’s work, home life, mental health or a combination of all of the above, this derailment of peoples plans along with the economy’s suffering, has created a perfect storm; taking victim many who would have felt their level of responsibility and independence somewhat protected them from situations like this!
As a Real Estate agency, our service sits at a particularly sore point when it comes to these issues. Employment continues to take a hit, and as a result, it’s often the living situation that’s the first casualty; can’t buy, can’t sell, can’t pay the mortgage, can’t pay rent, can’t rent out, the list goes on! One aspect that many of these situations have in common however, is the need for many younger Australians to return to the family home.
With circumstances such that 20 and early 30-somethings all over Australia and around the world have had to put their dreams on hold and shack up back at the family home, it’s easy to roll your eyes and groan at the situation. You thought you were past reminding the kids to defrost dinner, or breaking up fights over who’s turn it is to do the dishes, yet here you are, not hosting your friends to wine and cheese nights, but instead having second thoughts about that weekend away because of what they might do to the house while you’re gone!

That might seem like a little bit of a nightmare, especially for those of us who were looking forward to settling down, but what’s often forgotten in our lives is just how lucky we are to have kids to cook up a storm for, or a bunch of them who are always able to have a laugh with each other, and that brings us back to the ‘taking stock of what’s important’ part…
Sure, it feels like Planet Earth has collectively hit a big ‘pause’ button, but no matter how dire a situation is, it just means more can be learned from it IF you’re lucky enough to be a in a position where you can. We all know there’s potentially millions of our fellow countrymen with no home to go to, or a home environment that would put them in danger. People in those positions are simply too busy trying to survive, so it’s on us to remember how fortunate we still are while using our position to put a positive influence on the world, however small.
Besides, we’re fully aware by this point that the current situation as it stands is more or less unsustainable. People will have to return to work, and it is simply the nature of our being to gather together and celebrate as large groups. When that happens, the twilight will be there, ready to be enjoyed again. However, enjoying a home cooked meal as a family, or watching your grown up kids joke around with their brothers and sisters is something most people cherish long after that time has passed, to the point where many wish they could relieve those days again even for a short time, so if that’s the situation you’ve been blessed with a few more months of, then a blessing is certainly how you should see it J.

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