Working from Home

23 Apr 2020

Being the CEO of a large real estate company plus overseeing other businesses has meant I have always needed to be mobile and adaptable. Naturally, this sees me working from home often.
For those of you working from home during these unusual times, it’s probably a whole new world and one that comes with plenty of challenges and distractions! So, I thought I’d share some of my tips for staying focused... Everyone works differently, but it’s crucial you find what suits you, establish a routine, and stick to it!


  • Create the Monday to Friday routine
Sleeping in may be temping, so continuing to set that early alarm is important. Of course, without the morning commute you may be tempted to sleep in a little longer, and that’s ok, just make sure you are at your desk by 9am or your usual start time.  I find a strict morning routine sets me up for the day. Getting out of those PJs, doing some exercise, showering and having a big breakfast (with an extra-large coffee of course). Then, it’s getting down to business!
The beauty of working from home is the flexibility - if you are most productive in the morning, or if you need to get the kids to school then by all means, change up your work schedule by starting early and finishing early!
  • Your workspace
Having a dedicated work space and work times is important. Home and work life can easily begin to blur, so this will stop you from getting side-tracked with chores or other distractions around the house. Ensuring you have a clear workspace in a quiet area of the home will also help – vs working on the couch or dining table. Commit to working in this space every day
Set your working day the night before. What are your key tasks and goals for the day? Have a to-do list ready to go each morning!  
  • Don’t forget to move
Move that body! Take regular breaks and stretch your legs around the house or garden.  Make sure you have snack and tea breaks away from the screen, ideally you might sit outside for 10 minutes of sunshine to recharge.  Mini-breaks will make you more productive and ensure you don’t get a stiff back and neck.
  • Eat healthy
Speaking of snacks, having access to the home pantry and kitchen can be dangerous! Especially if said pantry has chips and cookies hiding in there. Research has shown that eating fruits and vegetables has a direct link on overall productivity levels, so ensure you opt for your 2 & 5 instead of a chocolate bar!
  • Pick up that phone! 
Diarise regular calls or video conferences with your team, colleagues or even friends in similar fields. Staying connected with your circle is crucial – remember, we’re all in the same boat at the moment and checking in is important.
Missing after work drinks? Have a virtual drink with a colleague at the end of the day! With apps such as Zoom, you can even get the whole team together!
  • Know when to switch off
This can be a difficult one… Enforce a finish time and stick to it. Family time and ‘you’ time is crucial. Of course there are always exceptions and large deadlines, but for the most part – the work will be there in the morning!

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